Turner Contemporary Workshop to accompany Yinka Shonibare’s installation ‘The British Library’



Turner Contemporary Workshop

24th & 25 th August


Turner Contemporary Margate

This week I have been working with the Turner Contemporary devising and delivering creative sessions around the Yinka Shonibare exhibition

Focusing on the installation ‘The British Library’ participants to the workshop were asked to contemplate their own history and heritage to view a selection of ‘world textiles’ and combine these with their name to print their own ‘book spine’.

 In the piece the ‘ British Library’ Yinka Shonibare makes a strong statement about identity; he uses a link to his heritage and character through the use of Dutch printed African Fabric alongside names printed on the spine of each book.

I am currently working with the expression of our identity through cloth and clothing in an Arts Council and UCA funded project ‘Locus of the Dress’ and so it was great for me to be able to present some of this thinking and work as part of the Turner workshop.

In the workshop we used my collection of world textiles/clothes as inspiration to print a piece of cloth/a nametag/a ‘spine’ to represent ones own heritage, character, personality and name.

The participants were asked to view the collection of textiles and respond to a series of questions to provoke thinking around heritage identity and memory. They then went on to create a collage using the dyed and printed dye-sub paper to reflect the ‘mix and make up of you’ , making a collage which included their given and/or family name, nickname or initials.

The collage was printed onto a strip of cloth, trimmed and pinned to their shirt/dress/jacket …Worn with Pride           

 Two of my UCA students assisted on the project – thank-you to Meg Williamson and Alice Revell


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Turner Contemporary website

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