Technical Note 10 – inside zone

Technical Note 10 – *  Referencing the internal/inside of the garment

Documenting technical developments discovered whilst pursuing the project Locus of the Dress  


I have been observing and documenting the coding of the inside or the garments we wear as a way of understanding the visual signifiers for using my work.

Key elements can be –  the stitch at the back of a sewn button, and button hole or the  inside surface of a zip, care and brand labels or hook and eye’s or a dart a pocket flap a shoulder pad. But I have seen that the inside landscape of a garment can go two ways or be a mixture of the two approaches.

1, raw seams, frayed seams, unraveling overlocking, pinking sheared seams- loose trailing threads – hems falling down, messy stitching along a hem – hand stitched alterations,  taking in / letting out – chalk lines –

2, bound and edged seams ( bias strip – Hong Kong Finish) or contained french seams- facings that are tacked down –  hems that are blind stitched or tightly and neatly stitched, or even bound – invisible webbings and interfacing, neat intact, reverse side of embroidery.

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