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Technical Note : 09 – cotton as a mask/stencil in dye sub printing

            Technical Note 09 – *  Using a natural fibre as a mask/stencil when dye sublimation printing – UPDATED.  Documenting technical developments discovered whilst pursuing the project Locus of the Dress   – I have been working with dye sublimation extensively in this project. In the past i have used […]

Garment Audit

I have been taking a ‘garment audit’ – taking stock of the dresses etc that I have collected, ready for printing on,  for the on-going Locus of the Dress project.  Each of the garments have individual qualities for expression – clues and signals for the inside or outside.   Hence some will be used turned […]

H & A Magazine

The piece Erupted: Cocktail Dress  is featured in an article about the Textile Designer Maxine Sutton. The article in Homes & Antiques Magazine  March 2015 issue,  presents Maxine Sutton’s thoughtful and crafted textile practice and her beautiful house. I am delighted that Maxine has a piece of my work in her home . Visit Maxine’s shop  in […]

Powell Cotton Museum

This week I made a visit to the Powell Cotton Museum to research a drawing expedition for incoming Yr 1 UCA Fashion Textiles: Print students. It is a varied ethnographical collection that filled me with awe and inspiration – I hope the students see it that way too!         Images of myself […]