RE-FASHIONED: Garments as Art

RE-FASHIONED: Garments as Art


Lucy Brown, Shelly Goldsmith, Bill Jackson and Sally Richardson

I am currently preparing work for a forthcoming exhibition at the Old Fire Station Gallery, Oxford – open Friday 6 March to Saturday 25 April 2015

The Garments as Art exhibition presents work by four artists that connect through their use of garments and textile making processes as a base for their work. Flattened clothing is overlaid with printed images, garments are cut-up and woven into other forms, and elements of garment and textile making processes are revealed and re-fashioned. The work explores a range of ideas including the gendered nature of textile making, clothing’s relationship with identity and memory and the fragility of the human form.


I will be showing a number of Limited Edition Fine Art Giclée Prints and a new printed garment piece.

8Ball and Collar 



blue-dressErupted: Cocktail Dress 

 IMG_3021Simon Hayward our Print Technician at the University for the Creative Arts – Rochester, prints one of my test pieces for the exhibition.


6 March, 5.30pm – 7.30pm


Featuring Lucy Brown, Shelly Goldsmith, Bill Jackson and Sally Richardson

Friday 6 March – Saturday 25 April

Gallery at the Old Fire Station, Gloucester Green

Please join us as we celebrate the opening of two new exhibitions, Re-Fashioned by Lucy Brown, Shelly Goldsmith, Bill Jackson and Sally Richardson, and Garments by

ethical/sustainable designer Feng Ho.


  1. Research point – artists/designers | Lemony Tree Textiles - August 13, 2015

    […] Whilst searching her website (unsuccessfully) for work reflecting the reveal/conceal theme I found reference to an exhibition on Re-fashioned garments.  The title of one piece Erupted: Cocktail Dress caught my attention so I searched for an image.  When I found it I was disappointed and moved on.  However my reflective thinking kicked in automatically a minute later (a step forward in my learning process) and I went back to ask myself why? I realised that the disappointment came from my pre-conception.  From the title of the piece I had envisaged a frothy flamboyant cocktail dress, associating eruption with Vesuvius.  When the reality did not meet my conjured up image my instinctive reaction was disappointment.  Once I had paused to re-adjust my mind from imagination to reality I was able to appreciate the artist’s perspective and work.  A good lesson in keeping an open mind – not just in art either. You can view the image here […]

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