Printed dress pieces


s_goldsmith5246_rt_lores-copys_goldsmith5255_rt_loresI have been reviewing some of the printed deconstructed dress pieces in-order to plan for the next round of printing on whole and partial garments.

I will be working alongside my students at the University for the Creative Arts  printing some more pieces for the project Locus of the Dress. The first year BA students are studying dye sublimation as part of the ‘Getting Into Print‘ unit and so we will be all working in the print room together – Im looking forward to it…

I am going to be attempting to recreate and develop the qualities the above  qualities have.  I like  that these pieces have in an ability to present drawing and photography on garments but also in conveying the subtle clues of the inside or the garment, the seams, the loose threads the overlocking etc of the first two and the outside of the garment in the last one in the embroidery, button holes closed seams and finished edges.

You can follow the first year BA Hons Fashion Textile: Print students work for Getting Into Print project on

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