Moving Textiles: Digital Encounters

I am currently showing at the Moving Textiles Exhibition in Canterbury, Kent.

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The University for the Creative Arts (UCA) at the Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury is presenting the Digital Encounters the final exhibition in the Crysalis Moving Textiles series. The works of over 40 textile designers, artists and craftspeople will be presented to explore the place of digital technology in contemporary textile practice.

Presented in four curated zones, and curated by Jenna Rossi-Camus the exhibition serves as a showcase of innovation and invites visitors to experience and consider the impact of the digital revolution on textile arts.

Digital X Material zone explores the fusion digital and manual processes and the unique outcomes from unlikely combinations of material, form and technique.

Digital X Personal explores the relationship between humanity and technology.

Digital X Social showcases works which comment upon or are inspired by existence in the digital age.

Digital X Historical comprises works which employ digital technology to preserve, contextualise or revive historic and traditional textile practices and artefacts.

The exhibition aims to expand awareness of the inspirations, processes and technologies which have remained central to textile practice on either side of the digital revolution, and to consider the skills and knowledge necessary to be a textile artist-designer in the 21st century.




The call for entries was launched through the Digital Encounters Symposium Transformative Practice in December 2013 where I was one of the speakers.



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