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A party in the Łódź Ghetto

I have been working on a body of work around the photograph  A party in the Łódź Ghetto by Henryk Ross. I  traveled to Lodz, Poland with my students in the 1990’s to visit the Łódź Tapestry Triennal. I have been haunted by the photograph, ‘A Party in Ghetto’,  seen many years ago in a Sunday supplement, and […]

Julie Westbury’s photos of Revealing Evidence Exhibition

The artist Julie Westbury has given me a copy of the images she took at my exhibition Revealing Evidence at Pitzhanger Manor, Sir John Soanes House and Gallery, Ealing London. The images include obscured and partial glimpses of my work  through interesting aspects of the architecture such as doorways, arches and reflections in mirrors etc. […]

Publications and Press

A full list of Publications and Press can be found at the bottom of this stream  below you can view a selection in more detail  –   click to enlarge   –  Heat Transfer Techniques        Scrap of a thing    Things Seen and Unseen      Goldwork        Creative Feat using […]